RCSPL is one of India’s leading organizations operating in the fields of e-Governance Projects, Skill Development, Training, Outsourcing e-Commerce, Manufacturing & Trading etc. We are pioneer and leading Company providing services to Corporates‟ as well as equipment manufacturers. RCSPL is known in the industry for innovation and establishing processes, which deliver quality products and solutions in minimum possible costs to the end customers.RCSPL provides comprehensive range of specialize marketing consultancy services and training by applying a combination of entrepreneurial skills and sound business experience across a range of industries, we deliver measurable results. We also offer a wide range of Infrastructure & IT solutions, Retail Distribution and doing Smart Card based Projects i. e E-Governance. In addition, it offers a broad range of manpower services Trading of Kits (UID) and specialized services such as eGovernance & Infrastructure Services.The team of experienced Management and IT professionals works closely with clients to design develops and Deploys adaptable solutions that address the unique needs of their business and industry. We deliver practical services, built on more than 8 years of global experience. It operates in a Decentralized and entrepreneurial way, while at the same time joining forces on an informal Network.
e-Governance: RCSPL India has been known in the industry for innovation and establishing processes which deliver quality products and solutions in minimum possible costs to the end customers. The experts of RCSPL India have evolved acceptable solutions in consultation with various organizations offering e-Governance services for the benefit of public.
LED Bulb Manufacturing: RCSPL India offers a complete range of LED Bulb series in the industries with the name of Genius LEDs (www.geniuslights.in). We developed specially to optimize their output, outshining many other lights in the market. Genius LED lights are superior quality lights products, priced fairly. Simplicity matters a lot, when the new LED technology confuses people for selecting the right one based on their different needs. Genius lights facilitates users to calculate number of LED lights and total Lumens or watts required as per the type and size of the room using its Light requirement calculator also they can easily calculate energy saving within a click using energy usage calculator. These important aspects help potential customers in finding the exactly right LED Lighting solutions.
Skill Development: – Being home to more than a billion people and with nearly half the population below 25 years of age, India enjoys a distinct demographic dividend, which when leveraged fully has the potential to transform the country into an economic super power. However, for this the country’s largely unskilled population needs to be adequately skilled to improve their productivity and match.
The Accomplisher global quality standards. Collectively we need to address this challenge and take concrete, bold steps towards creating large scale employment linked skills training opportunities for the youth of our country. RCSPL India Limited has poured in Skill development activities through various Public and Private Partnership Model, Government Funded projects and UNDP / Word bank funded Projects. 4 Training: The objective of our training division is to bridge the knowledge gap that currently exists in the industry, primarily due to the change in technology on a regular basis. We provide opportunity for fresh graduates and diploma engineers so that they may update themselves as per the current telecom technologies. Our training comprises of classroom learning along with hands-on field experience. We provide a launch pad especially for fresh graduates and diploma engineers, who look forward to a career in the telecom industry. Additionally, we are also into Skill Development program to meet the gap in demand and supply of various skill sets.